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DIY tips to increase curb appeal

Jeff Affronte

What happens – or doesn’t – between the curb in front of your home and the home’s front door is...

What you need to know about homeowner’s associations

Jeff Affronte

A Dallas homeowners association (HOA )sent a letter to homeowner Frank Larison, a 58-year-old Vietnam veteran,...

What to consider when buying a used refrigerator

Jeff Affronte

It’s the sad truth: we can’t all afford to pop into Home Depot and plunk down $3,000 for a brand...

Should I buy a new or an existing home?

Jeff Affronte

One of the choices you may be faced with when you decide to buy a home is whether to buy...

3 easy ways to live a greener life

Jeff Affronte

Green – a word that can indicate envy or inexperience, it can conjure up a frog named Kermit, or immature...

When shopping for a new home, consider location carefully

Jeff Affronte

The real estate industry loves to harp on “location;” so much so that we repeat it three times to let...

You may not notice them, but your home has eyesores

Jeff Affronte

You can clean your home like a professional. Organize and decorate ‘til the cows come home. Nine times out o...

Should You Skip the Home Inspection to Win a Bidding War?

Jeff Affronte

It’s hot out there, and we don’t just mean the weather. The real estate market is one of the fastest...

Need a new water heater? Consider a tankless version

Jeff Affronte

The average water heater’s life span is 10 to 15 years, according to energysaver.gov. This is a general rule...


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